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Tiny paws canine fertility is a full-service Canine reproduction Clinic with many years of breeding behind us. Our busy Animal Clinic is Fully insured and trained with the best up to date equipment and will always give the best care for your pet. We offer a number of services including cytology ovulation test to see when’s the right time to mate your girl, progesterone testing, ultrasound scanning, microchipping, semen analysis and chilled shipping, artificial insemination, Whelping assistance plus many more services. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment or any advice you may need. 

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Cytology is the examination of the blood or tissue cells under the microscope. We take a swab from your girls vulva and examine under the microscope to see what stages she is in her heat cycle. By this we can see the best time to mate for an successful litter . We can also check to see if your girl has been accidentally lined by checking for sperm present and any infections. 


semen analysis and fixing 

Semen analysis with certificate. We can check your studs semen for any faults and infections, preform a count to see if he’s in working order to open him up for stud or check ups for existing studs. If he’s not in full working order not a problem we can fix him to get him back working and double his sperm count. 

Ultrasound scanning 

We can scan your girl from 28 days to confirm pregnancy. We use the best up to date machine for clear images and videos of your scan which we can send to you. It’s very important to get your girl scanned to rule out one pup which can lead to complications and c section. 



Microchipping is an legal requirement for pet owners and breeders to get their puppies chipped. We offer different sizes for your smaller breeds and discount for big litters or if you’ve used any of our services. We also microchip all your small fur babies to not just puppies. 

semen chilling and shipping 

We can chill and ship semen anywhere in 24 hours. Saves time and money travelling to studs or we can receive chilled semen to use on your girl. We can keep chilled semen in house for up to 7 days to use as and when needed. If you have a few matings that week we can collect a few times that day to chill and store for you that week. W can also collect and chill for you to take home. 


Artificial insemination 

Artificial insemination is more reliable than natural mating As we know how much semen has entered the girl or if any at all from the stud. It Prevents infection transmitted during natural mating. It can overcome travel and quarantine restrictions and is used due to impossible natural mating, antipathy between bitch and stud or an untrained or young stud. 

Whelping assistance & puppy intensive care 

We can provide any Whelping assistance required for your litter. We have all the essentials here on hand for you if an emergency or your planning ahead of things to be on the safe side. If you have a poorly or dehydrated pup we can help or give advice just pop is a phone call we would be happy to help. Intensive care incubators coming soon if any puppies are born early! 


We offer exceptional treatment at affordable prices. Call us now to book an appointment.


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